Sacketts Land: The Sacketts Series, Book 1

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Sacketts Series

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Sackett - Wikipedia

Last Stand at Papago Wells. The Ferguson Rifle. The Empty Land. Golden Gunmen. Barnabas Sackett — The founding member of the Sackett clan. Travels to the New World to escape the warrant of the Queen. Killed by Seneca Indians. Son of Ivo Sackett, soldier and war hero. First Sackett born in the New World. Married Diana Macklin from Cape Ann. Brian Sackett — Second son of Barnabas Sackett. Leaves America with his mother and sister to study law in England.

Yance Sackett — Third son of Barnabas Sackett. Best known for his quick temper and strength and willingness of action. Founder of Clinch Mountain Branch of Sacketts. Married a girl named Temperance Penney from Cape Ann. He was the first Sackett to cross the mountains and see the plains. Known as the quiet one, he is a ghost in the woods.

Series: The Sacketts - chronological

Spends much time away from home and eventually quits the hills of North Carolina for the Rocky Mountains. Marries Itchakomi Ishaia, a "Sun" of the Natchee.

Echo Sackett — Only female member of the Sackett clan to narrate a story. Aunt of Tell, Orrin and Tyrel. Logan Sackett — Twin brother of Nolan Sackett. Comes from the Clinch Mountain branch of Sacketts and lives up to their reputation. Rough, two-fisted, a man "with the bark on", and with a deserved reputation as being fast with a gun and hell-on wheels in any kind of fight, he has ridden the Owlhoot Trail and admits to skirting the dark side of the law on more than one occasion.

A lot rougher than Orrin or Tyrel, he is nonetheless a generally decent man. Comes to the aid of his aunt, Emily Talon. Comes from the Clinch Mountain Branch of Sacketts. Like his brother, he has ridden the outlaw trail. Rough and dangerous, with a hefty reputation as a very bad man to fool around with, he has a strong sense of right and wrong. Wears three pistols, two tied down and one in his coat.

One of the last Sacketts to move west. Spends six years in a Mexican prison. Becomes a well-known fist-fighter and boxer. Falcon Sackett — Father of Orlando Sackett. Formerly captain of a ship. Finds a lost treasure of great value and spends several years in a Mexican prison before finally escaping and being rescued by his son.

Flagan Sackett — Brother of Galloway Sackett. One of the younger Sacketts. Has a strong will to survive. Rarely found far from his brother. Galloway Sackett — Brother of Flagan Sackett. Tall and handsome, nearly fearless in the face of danger. Known to brave danger and live. Parmalee Sackett — A "flatland Sackett", Parmalee's family moved down to the richer flatlands while the majority of the clan stayed in the mountains. His affluent lifestyle has not made him weak, as men who have braced him could testify — if they were still above ground. The three main and most well known characters are the three brothers, sons of Colburn Sackett; Tell, Orrin, and Tyrel.

To bring the culprit to justice, one brother must sail to the exotic West Indies. Jubal Sackett. Book 4. He seeks a Natchez exploration party and its leader, Itchakomi.

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It is she who will rule her people when their aging chief dies, but first she must vanquish her rival, the arrogant warrior Kapata. More in western. Trailsman Arizona Renegades. Book Skye Fargo's up to his neck in an Apache blood bath Riding shotgun for a stagecoach traveling through hostile Indian lands, Skye Fargo finds himself protecting a rag-tag group of passengers from the vengeance of an Apache war chief. With a sultry redhead and a brassy blond both vying for his affection, Fargo will have to focus all of his resources to survive the deadly onslaught from a relentless foe.

Dodging arrows as well as his amorous companions, the Trailsman clears a path the only way he knows how with bullets flying and enemies dying.

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Longarm Longarm in the Dark. Losing his memory could mean losing his life… Badly beaten and left for dead, Longarm is rescued by a family of Good Samaritans. Everyone from the hotel desk clerk who gives him the key to his room to the gorgeous local madam knows his name…James Stevens. Despite headaches that bring him to his knees, Longarm has got to find a way to remember who he really is and who attacked him—because those same hard cases will be coming back to finish the job…. Longarm Longarm and the Hangtree Vengeance. Longarm sticks his neck out for justice.

Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long is just minding his own business when he rides into a town surrounded. The local lawman explains that the townsfolk lynched an innocent man, the son of a powerful rancher. Now the rancher has vowed to burn the town to the ground and kill every man, woman, and child in it. Longarm Longarm and the Deadly Sisters. Hilda and Pearl were twin mistresses to Senator Taft Baker of Sacramento, California, but now the polygamous politician has been shot to death in his bed—and the sisters are nowhere to be found. Marshal Custis Long to bring the diabolical duo to justice—on the double!

While the sisters may be identical in appearance, they turn out to be as different as night and day when it comes to temperament. Evil twin Pearl aims to blast Longarm with both barrels, while Hilda is more interested in doubling his pleasure. This time the lawman will have to think twice before making his move—or the Olsen twins may just be the death of him…. Longarm Longarm and the Deadly Restitution. Marshal Custis Long has become—in fact they can chisel it on his tombstone because new deputy Henry Plummer is bound to get him killed. Longarm has a bigger problem, though. Henry Plummer has sworn vengeance on the two men who shot his mother in front of him when he was a child and would like nothing better than to use his shiny new badge to track the dirty dogs down.