Steel Detailers Manual

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Steel Detailers' Manual

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This design review ideally assures engineering accuracy and compliance with the design intent. Traditionally, steel detailing was accomplished via manual drafting methods, using pencils, paper, and drafting tools such as a parallel bar or drafting machine , triangles, templates of circles and other useful shapes, and mathematical tables, such as tables of logarithms and other useful calculational aids.

Eventually, hand-held calculators were incorporated into the traditional practice.

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Today, manual drafting has been largely replaced by computer-aided drafting CAD. A steel detailer using computer-aided methods creates drawings on a computer , using software specifically designed for the purpose, and printing out drawings on paper only when they are complete.

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Many detailers would add another classification for those using 3-D Modeling applications specifically designed for steel detailing, as the process for the production of drawings using these applications is markedly different from a 2-D drafting approach. The detailer literally builds the project in 3D before producing detailed shop drawings from the model.

Structural steel detailing requires skills in drafting , mathematics including geometry and trigonometry , logic , reasoning , spatial visualization, and communication. A basic knowledge of general engineering principles and the methods of structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication, however acquired, is essential to the practice of this discipline. A computer-aided detailer also requires skills in using computers and an understanding of the specific CAD software used.

A detailer's drawings generally go through several phases. If there is any unclear information that would prevent the detailer from creating or completing the drawings accurately, a request for information RFI [1] is sent to the relevant trades typically the general contractor, architect or structural engineer before proceeding.

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If the required information is not needed immediately, then the detailer may opt to list the questions on the drawings. Following creation of the drawing, the detailer must usually as described above submit a copy of the drawing to the architect and engineer for review "approval".

ARE11: Steel Detailing Project Startup Part 1

Copies of the drawing may be sent to other recipients at this time as well, such as the general contractor, for informational purposes only. The drawing must also be checked for accuracy and completeness by another detailer for this purpose, the "checker". To keep track of changes during the drawing creation workflow , the revisions are identified by incrementing an associated number or letter code which should appear in the drawing revision block.