The Second World War: A Complete History (Revised Edition)

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Despite the hall-of-mirrors quality of "In Command of History" -- a historian writing about another historian writing another book -- he has produced a fascinating account that accomplishes the impossible: he actually finds something new and interesting to say about one of the most chronicled characters of all time.

That Churchill had the freedom to write was due to one of the bitterest blows of his life -- the loss of the general election. During his "second wilderness years," he turned to the pen, as he had before, to redeem his reputation, and also to pad his bank account. But he faced considerable obstacles before he could present his version of events. For one thing, the government's wartime files would not be opened for decades. Churchill had tried to get around these restrictions by collecting bound volumes of his "personal minutes" and "personal telegrams" while prime minister, but a good case could have been made that they were actually state property.

And even if Churchill had been able to make use of his own papers, he would still have needed access to other sealed files to round out his narrative.

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To gain the documents he required, Churchill had to promise his successor, Clement Attlee, that he would submit his text for vetting by the government before publication. This would turn Churchill's volumes into a "quasi-official history. There was still the question of whether it would be worthwhile to write at all. Under Britain's confiscatory tax regime, Churchill would have owed To get around this obstacle, his lawyers came up with a dodge worthy of Enron: Churchill would donate his papers to a trust run by his friends and family, which would sell them to publishers for a handsome sum without any tax liability and provide the proceeds for Churchill to live on.

The actual writing of the book would be done for a nominal -- and taxable -- fee. Churchill reaped quite a bonanza from this arrangement. His chief literary agent, the press baron Lord Camrose, negotiated lucrative deals with publishers in 15 countries and even more lucrative syndication deals with 50 newspapers and magazines in 40 countries. Though Churchill had turned 70 in , he had no intention of retiring.

The German invasion of the Netherlands

He continued as leader of the opposition before returning to 10 Downing Street from to The need for compensation was recognised from the outset, and assessed under the Compensation Defence Act The Second World War saw the enactment of a number of other statutes granting various powers to acquire land for government use or for the support of the war effort.

Among these were:. The War Office alone requisitioned , acres between and Land and buildings were requisitioned for a very wide range of uses, including:. The requisitioning of land for military use often seemed to conflict with the need to increase increasing food production. Much agricultural land was requisitioned, and while it was decided in principle that where an entire farm was given over to the military it should be excluded from the National Farm Surveys, the survey records do contain incidental information about requisitioning see below.

These committees were empowered to control and direct agricultural production in wartime and, to that end, to take possession of land and to requisition, inspect and enter property. Their records are in MAF 80 and often contain information about the effect of military requisitioning. Towards the end of the war and afterwards, the Ministry of Works dealt with the derequisitioning of property taken over for government use, as well as with compensation claims relating to requisitioned property, the disposal of surplus buildings and stores, the removal of temporary defence works on private land and the restoration of the land.

Requisitioned land on which development of permanent value had taken place was formally acquired, as were cross-country oil pipelines. After the war it was decided that some of the land requisitioned to increase food production should be retained for agricultural purposes, and under Part V of the Agriculture Act the Minister of Agriculture acquired powers to compel purchase of any requisitioned land not sold voluntarily, in order to maintain its full and efficient use for agriculture. Such land was then managed by the Agricultural Land Commission, set up under the Act.

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    George Orwell. Edgar Allan Poe. Beatrix Potter. Virginia Woolf. Arthur Rackham. William Shakespeare. Robert Louis Stevenson. Jonathan Swift. Mark Twain. Oscar Wilde. PG Wodehouse. About Us Fairs Videos. World War II. Rare first editions, deluxe and collectible editions of books, pamphlets, and ephemera relating to the Second World War, —, including its build-up and aftermath. View as List View Grid View. The Second World War. Churchill ". Agnes Helen "Nellie" Soames was the great aunt of Churchill's son-in-law, Christopher Soames, who married Churchill's youngest daughter, Mary, on 11 February David Reynolds, in his award-winning Learn More.

    Add to Basket Reserve. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The Struggle for Europe. London : First edition.

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    This copy inscribed by Wilmot on the title page; "To the Hon. Brooke Claxton, with warm regard from Chester Wilmot. Chester Wilmot was the main war London : Classified "Not to be Published", and seemingly uncommon with just one listing for this issue on OCLC, together with three for a second edition of Richard Walker. This copy shows considerable use, the city of Dunkerque is circled in pencil and 24 Belgian Lines of Attack: Some Wartime Cartoons. Marengo was an Anglo-Greek, born Cette Guerre. Koestner, chief of In contrast to judo, they recognise no accepted rules This is part one, we have not been able to trace a second part.

    Scarce, with OCLC showing only 3 locations. A photo-book showing many scenes from the Sino-Japanese War, along with portraits of Japanese commanders. Plans for the Invasion of England The German Navy's Part. A scarce restricted government publication with copies on the distribution list, 4 locations on OCLC and none on Copac. This is a comprehensive report on the Nazi Operation "Sealion", the planned German naval invasion of Britain that In October , Jai Hind. A fascinating and melodramatic text, now considered to be the fictionalised journal of a female Indian soldier fighting for the anti-British, Indian National Army during World War Two written by Captain Lakshmi Sahgal , leader of the army's The First Collected Works.

    World War II

    Centenary Limited Edition; London : First complete collected edition, one of 1, sets published. The Centenary Edition is the only full collected works of Winston Churchill, reproducing his 50 books in 34 volumes. The Library of Imperial History went bankrupt before the projected run of 3, sets could be completed, so "the print run never exceeded 2, copies and only 1, sets London : First UK editions, first impressions, of Churchill's masterpiece, in a highly attractive binding.

    The Second World War ranks as one of the supreme historical achievements of the 20th century, and is commonly cited as a major factor in Churchill being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in A man who had always primarily made his living by his UNO, Kazumaro. Corregidor: Isle of Delusion. Shanghai : [September ] First edition of the collected and expanded articles of Kazumaro "Buddy" Uno relating to the battle for the island of Corregidor between Japanese and American forces during the first months of When the The Dulag Luft Trial.

    Trial of the officers responsible for running the Air Force Transit Camp - Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe - which in June was the scene of the first mass escape of the war by British officers.

    Freedom's Battle. This attractively illustrated work, pubished in the same month that India gained its independence, was issued as a celebration of the Azad Hind Free India state and the Indian National Army, which lasted from to